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Fresh local produce

Some produce we grow ourselves, some we get from local farmers and markets.

๏ All seafood and fish is fresh from the ocean - we do not buy anything farmed.

๏ Our chicken meat is free-range.

๏ We bake our own bread.

๏ Our desserts are prepared in-house.

๏ We only serve unpolished brown rice.

๏ We only use fine quality organic cashew nuts.

๏ In our food we use no processed sugars, only natural coconut and brown sugars. Some desserts contain processed sugars.


What you won’t find at Sweet Sisters Café is MSG or any other chemical taste-enhancing agents.


There is always room for improvement, and we value our customers’ input. If you have any suggestions, please let us know!

Many of our dishes and desserts are suitable for vegetarians and vegans or can be adapted to your needs.

So relax, order a drink and give us the time to prepare your meal. You will find it's worth it.

Reservations or take away

Call 06 5953 8832 to book a table, or for take away.

We look forward to serving you!

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